The Health Benefits of Boating

Are you always trying to defend the time you spend on the water while motoring out on the lake or ocean? You can silence all the critics when you tell them you are doing it for your health, and that is the truth!  Experts have found multiple ways that regular boaters enjoy a happy, stress-free, and healthy lifestyle when they leave the office behind and head out with their friends and family on the wide open sea.  Check out all these ways your body and mind benefit from your favorite hobby.

Sunshine Boosts Your Vitamin D

Many Americans suffer from a lack of Vitamin D, which is crucial in building strong bones and muscles.  Sunshine actually is a source of Vitamin D and is naturally absorbed through your skin.  So, spending a day on the water does make your healthier and stronger! But don’t forget the sunblock.

Your Sailing Legs Improve Balance and Muscle Tone

As you ride through the waves, your body is required to make many adjustments to maintain your balance.  The more you get out on the ocean for some fishing or just enjoying the sun and water, the more your body builds flexible and strong muscles starting with your feet and working all the way up your backbone.  It also gives your inner ear a workout.

Socializing the Old Fashioned Way Improves Relationships

We all have trouble shutting off our cell phones and televisions, resulting in more asocial behaviors among our young children.  When you climb on board and head out for a day on the water, you most likely won’t be able to get a signal.  You get the chance to connect face to face with friends and family, which promotes mental health, help to expand your vocabulary, and provides valuable time for your children to learn social body language.

Keeps Cognitive Functions Young

When you step out of your comfort zone, it gives your brain something of a workout.  While boating you have to remain aware of the tidal schedule, study marine charts, and look out for a surprising amount of marine traffic. This unusual task helps you maintain a higher level of awareness which promotes the ability to continue to learn throughout your entire life. Even identifying unusual fish, birds, and marine mammals can stimulate your brain which translates into better productivity when you return to the office on Monday.

Salty Air Makes You Happy

This may sound odd, but it has been found that the salty air found near the ocean actually helps to maintain therapeutic seratonin levels–the hormone that supports good sleep and a pleasant mood.  So it really isn’t just your appreciation of wide open spaces and the stress-free environment found on your boat that makes you happy, the ocean actually plays a physical part.

Find Lots of Omega-3 while Fishing

Of course one of the most popular reasons for taking a boat out to sea is the opportunity to go fishing.  And if you reel one in, there is nothing so satisfying as eating your catch.  Which offers the added bonus of consuming one of the healthiest foods in our diet.  They are an excellent source of Vitamin B and Vitamin D as well as Omega-3 fatty acids which support healthy brain function.  You are feeding your body while fishing and eating.

Sailing or Skiing Builds Upper Body Strength

Whether you put out the tow-line to do a little water skiing or haul up a sail, that provides a total body workout.  Your upper body muscles are provided with plenty of stretch and power movements while the extended time spent on the task support good aerobics.  Your heart rate will rise and blood pressure lower as you spend a wonderful afternoon on one of your favorite pursuits.

So the next time that somebody says that you look like you could use a little bit of fun in the sun, you can completely agree and head on down to the marina where your favorite de-stresser is waiting for you.  It’s time to pull-up anchor, check the tides, and take your friends boating today.