Why Your Company Should Rent a Boat for the Day

Employers these days are well aware of the value of employee appreciation. More and more companies are having day-long outings that allow their employees to have fun and relax. This has the effect of increasing morale and boosting the motivation that the employees have to work for the company. Renting a boat for the day is a very popular option. Employees can fish, swim, have a party, or simply relax. Also, renting a boat allows everybody to get vital fresh air and sunshine, which many other popular employee appreciation day options do not provide. To learn more about why your company should rent a boat for the day, read on.

Employees Can Bring Their Kids

Most employee outings are not family friendly, but renting a boat is. Of course, you can have an adults-only party on your boat if you desire. However, many of our corporate clients prefer a more child-appropriate experience. Our boats can be set up in such a way that there is an area for adults and a separate area for kids. This will enhance the enjoyment that you colleagues will get from the experience, as well as removing the need for parents to find child care for the day.

People Can Fish From the Boats

One great advantage of renting a boat for the day over other options is versatility. Employees on a boat can work on their tans, fish, party, or simply relax. If you took your employees out to eat, for example, they would not have this many options for recreation. There is something for everybody on a boat. You can rent any of our watercraft and rest easy in the knowledge that all of your employees will have a great time.

Renting a Boat is a Unique Option

While the idea of renting a boat for a corporate retreat or employee appreciation day has been around for a while, only in the last few years have people started to realize what a great idea it is. This means that your employees have probably never had a similar experience before. They have undoubtedly been taken out to eat or perhaps been taken out for a round of golf, but not had the chance to relax on a boat. Your employees and co-workers will appreciate the experience more if it is new for them. Stand out from every other corporate appreciation day by renting a boat.

There is a Boat Available for Every Budget

Haley’s Boat Rentals has many different boats available at a variety of prices. We have deck boats, party boats, pontoon boats, fishing boats, ski boats, and jet skis that you can rent for a company outing. This wide selection not only means that there is certainly an option that fits your budget, there is also an option or options that fit your plans for the day. We will even work with you to plan the day’s festivities and help you select the watercraft you need to ensure that your employees have a great time.

Getting Sunlight and Fresh Air on a Boat is Healthy

Most corporate outings involve staying indoors and sitting around. While you can certainly relax when you’re onboard one of our boats, you can also get sunlight, fresh air, and exercise. All three of these things are crucial for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Many employers these days are active in encouraging their employees to be more active, but corporate outings are often overlooked as a factor in employee health. Not only can the outing itself help the employees be more healthy, but the experience can encourage them to have a healthier lifestyle in the future. This can result in happier and more productive employees.

Check Out Hayley’s Boat Rentals Today

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