Skip the Sunburn this Boating Season: 5 Simple Skin Safety Tips

With Summer beating down on us, we’re offering up some skin safety tips for a fun and healthy boating season.  After all, May is Melanoma Awareness Month, and we at Haley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rental would like you to help your friends and family learn how to better prevent skin cancer with some simple daily steps when heading out on the water.

  • Store an Extra Bottle of Sunblock in the First Aid Kit: Don’t suffer through an entire day unprotected and increase your chances of developing melanoma. When buying sunblock, purchase an extra bottle and leave it in the boat.
  • Sunglasses, Long Sleeves, and Hats: Nothing blocks out harmful rays of the sun like clothing. Sunglasses rated to block both UVA and UVB are just the first step in building a physical sunblock. Lightweight, long sleeved shirts and a wide-brimmed hat shelter your skin from potential damage.
  • Apply and Reapply Again: Sunblock does not last all day long. Read the instructions, but reapplying every hour helps to maintain the highest level of protection against that strong Florida sunshine.  The newer sprays help to minimize sticky fingers and provide even coverage.
  • Don’t Forget During Dawn Fishing Trips:  When you leave the docks before the sun rises, its easy to forget about the sunblock. However, the sun will rise and by 10am, you could be subjected to three hours of harmful sunlight. Pack that tube of block in your fishing tackle and share with your friends.
  • Visit Your Dermatologist: If you notice a new discolored patch of skin, or an old mole or bump that is growing, don’t wait for your annual physical. Give your dermatologist a call and make an appointment for a quick check of your skin for any potentially cancerous spots.

As always, when you build good sunblock habits with your children, they are more likely to carry on the proper application in their adult life, reducing the chance of developing skin cancer during their lifetime.