Deciding Between a Deck Boat and Pontoon Boat

If you’re planning on going out on the water with a group of friends or family, you’ll probably want to choose between a deck boat and pontoon boat. These boats are designed for several types of activities as they easily handle and are built to occupy plenty of seating and storage. At Hayley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rental, we have several types of deck boats and pontoon boats for you to choose from when you take friends or family out on the Indian River Lagoon for the day.

The origin of the pontoon boat dates back to 1958 when the Sanpan was introduced at the World’s Fair in Chicago. This was the first aluminum pontoon boat to be exposed to the public. The deck boat concept for came into existence in 1974 having been produced by a company called Hurricane. The difference between the deck boat and pontoon boat was that the new deck boat has a fiberglass V-style hull which allowed for better performance and handling.

Deck Boat and Pontoon Boat Style

If you care about the style of boat you’re driving, this is one aspect that separates these two types of boats. Pontoon boats feature a variety of rail skin colors, high-quality vinyl seats, and tough but attractive marine-grade carpets. However, some people find that pontoon boats aren’t quite as attractive because they’re built more for practicality to offer the maximum amount of seating and storage.

Deck boats are designed quite similarly to other fiberglass runabouts except that the bow section is carried as far forward as possible. This allows it to accommodate more guests in the forward seating area. These boats often feature coordinated upholstery accents, bimini tops and carpet, and bolder exterior graphics. Many deck boats also feature integrated wake tower options which give them more of a feel that they’re designed for watersports.

Deck Boat and Pontoon Boat Handling

Deck boats are quite similar to other open-bow boats due to the fact that they feature a fiberglass V-style hull. This gives the boat stability at all speeds with little bowrise, if any, and gives it the ability to turn better at higher speeds. Another big advantage of deck boats is having the option of outboard or I/O propulsion.

Pontoon boats plane easier while using less horsepower than deck boats. They feature hydraulic steering systems which allow them to handle sharp turns better though they still cut a wider swarth than deck boats. However, there are performance model pontoon boats which have a triple or center tube system providing more buoyancy and stability.

Deck Boat and Pontoon Boat Versatility

Both the deck boat and pontoon boat are very versatile allowing occupants to take part in many different boating activities such as fishing, watersports, camping, entertaining, and just exploring the waters. Regardless of what type of activity you plan on undertaking, most pontoon and deck boats have the ability to accommodate. The fact that the boats are built to handle storage and several riders means these boats offer the ability to do several different water activities in the same day. You can fish in the morning and take up your favorite water sport in the afternoon. The storage space in the boat will give you the ability to easily store the equipment for each activity.

Deck Boat and Pontoon Boat Ease of Operation

The fact that pontoon and deck boats feature stable platforms make towing or trailering very easy. It also makes it easy to launch or retrieve on these boats. For increased visibility, many have a raised helm or the captain’s seat features a fold-up bolster. There may also be pull-up cleats that have been installed around the deck which make it easier to pull up and dock from any angle. Many of these boats also feature docking lights which make it easier and safer to dock during the evening when the sun goes down.

On the surface, a deck boat and pontoon boat looks like they would be quite similar, especially when compared with other types of boats. While there are similarities between the two, there are also differences. Which type of boat you want to use depends on what you plan on doing on the water and your priorities of the boat you drive. At Hayley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rental, we offer a wide range of pontoon and deck boats to match your needs.