The History of the Jet Ski

Hayley’s Boat and Jet Ski Rental allows you to experience the joys of a Jet Ski without the costs and responsibility of storing and maintaining one. We often just hop on Jet Skis without giving it a second thought, but where did they come from and how have they evolved? Your place for Space Coast Jet Ski rental thought you might be interested in the history of the Jet Ski, or the personal watercraft (PWC).

The idea for the PWC originated with Bombardier in the 1960’s. Their single rider sit-down model was only slightly successful and they quickly exited the PWC market. In the 1970’s Kawasaki answered Bombardier with the first commercially successful standup PWC, the Jet Ski. Yamaha joined the mix in the 1980’s with their line of WaveRunners. In 1988 Bombardier rejoined the PWC market boasting their more successful line of Sea-Doos. Honda is one of the last successful entrants to the personal watercraft market, introducing the AquaTrax in 2002.

PWC manufacturers eventually discovered we have more fun splashing around with friends, as two-person and three-person sit-down models seem to dominate the current personal watercraft market.

Your place for Space Coast Jet Ski rental proudly supplies Yamaha WaveRunners for your enjoyment. We look forward to seeing you out on the water alone or with friends!