What to Wear on a Jet Ski

Are you gearing up for your first Hayley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rental adventure? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what you’ll want to wear as you hit the water.

  1. You want snug clothes that won’t flap in the wind or get too stretched out when wet. You can wear a wetsuit, a sunproof shirt, or your bathing suit with a neoprene vest.
  2. Whatever you wear, add a personal flotation device like a life jacket on top. We’ll remind you how to avoid collisions, but in the unlikely event you fell unconscious, you would need a personal flotation device.
  3. Use goggles with a neoprene strap for the best visibility.
  4. Boat shoes, deck shoes, water socks, or sports sandals are best on the docks and as you mount and dismount the jetski.
  5. Don’t wear any loose hats that may fly off. Be sure that everything you’re wearing will withstand high winds.

And once you’ve got the apparel, you’re geared up for a great day out on the water! Hayley’s Jet Ski and Boat Rental is your Melbourne FL Jet Ski rental resource!